My Name is Gerald Allen Barrett.  Jerry is what my friends call me.  John-Boy is my God given nickname.

Words have always fascinated me. The way they evolve and mature and the way they dissolve and deconstruct keeps me thinkin’.  The way they italicize within a context of meaning.  The way they challenge metaphors depending on one’s vernacular and experience.

Poetry is a way to play with words.  Within the poetry you might find some spiritual seasoning.  Around the poetry relationships might lay(lie?).  Between the lines there will be tucked existential dribbling; All I can offer is a somewhat myopic muse.  If you love words and take their meaning somewhat seriously  you might just enjoy a break from life as you know it and wonder around this blog a bit.

Prose is the medium-well done poetry you will discover here.

The essay is usually bending toward memoir.  Stories real and embellished upon often transcend and metaphors morph up to inspirational queues.

The filter through which I handle this thing called life and try to write about is the You, the God, the Other who set me in the here and now. God gave us senses, human common senses.  Eyes, ears, nose, skin, and taste buds are the first responders of the Master Artist.  Then brain cells rub together an interpretation of the sensual receptors to swallow into the spirit.  Even today when I sing words like creation or nature my soul stands on tip-toes and envisions much of what I have received through my experiences. Like John-Boy sitting at his desk by the window at the end of each episode of the t.v. show The Waltons, the posts in this blog are observations of days given to me. Grace tosensethings around me and attach words to them in hopes of pointing others to wonder is what turns my crank.

The faith I hold in Jesus Christ is the hope that underlays the words written here. In the gospel of John it says in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. God loves words and so do I.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Soo, you wrote a book? Do tell. 🙂 I so enjoyed tooling around your blog, Jerry. You do love to play with words but I also see your serious side too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Ann! Self published a book for my siblings. It’s called Oh, Honestly! It’s available on Amazon. There are a few technical flaws, but the essence of what I was trying to convey to my nine siblings was intact.

  2. Hi JerBear….your other given name by your sibs. I re-read “Oh Honestly” again recently…cried and laughed like every other time I’ve read these pages. You keep memories alive and dancing in my head. I love you little brother!!

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