>Trolling under the Fridge


I moved the fridge out.

It’s been a couple of months.
Dust bunnies, like fog
blanket the odd lots.

Cat toys,

Milk jug rings,
Number 2 pencils,
Hairy dog kibbles,
Dead bodies (army men),
Magnets huddled together,
Cap’n crunch berries,
Matchbox cars,
Cookie sheet?,
AND tile flooring!

This poem was a facebook inquiry yesterday…the answers to what one would find under the fridge are included above.  Except those who only go under there when they buy a new refrigerator or wonder why anyone would clean under there.  I am sure there are many other things you might have found under there…Well, sweep them into the comment section below.
Happy Friday everyone!



a hand out to
dance hip-hop
in a German pub
with old men at their
stations leaning
into a very dark beer
and smoke started
its movement  with ours
I flipped a guy’s hat off
while bumping my
frualine into a chair
we flipped the air
and all the old men
did was stare
This week on my word of the day e-mails was German words …here’s another.
Stop by Mr. Knowitalls blog and try a 55. 

>Have Fun

>Don’t eat the yellow snow.
Old Yeller’s gotta go.

Don’t lick the flag ple.
What a double dog dare role.

Skate away from thin ice.
The pond is not so nice.

Please don’t sauser down the hill.
That grove of trees will be no thrill.

Now go outside and play.
“Have fun” I always say.