>Sociopaths and Narcissists


Lewis made mention of the exceptions to those who strive to adhere to the laws of human nature.
“Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”
Do unto others as they do to you.
There ain’t no others, there is only you.
With a house full of kids, the beginning of Lewis’ chapter caught my attention.   Those verbal exchanges happen every day in the kitchen, “living” room, bathroom, etc.  Citations are given out daily from mother and father for infractions ad infinitum.  My wife and I adopted children to add to our biological crew.  The bios understand the laws of human nature and conscience is called up when they violate these natural laws.  The adopted children, however, have undergone mom’s boot camp instruction for years now and have “talks” on a daily basis on how to do the right thing by others.
We, as parents, understand where these children come from…the abuse, neglect, abandonment…we know their stories.   It seems at times that their DNA is “every man for themselves”.   Even after years of the same discussion about the same issues they still often default into sociopathic or narcissistic tendencies.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome often gives us real life examples of a world without natural law as Lewis puts it. 
Some have FAS but others only have attachment issues from neglect and abandonment which present in very interesting ways.   A liar would lie to get another liar in trouble.  Both are characterized by lying so the case is thrown out by consequences for both…which isn’t “fair” but telling the truth to own up to one own quilt and saving the other from loss of freedom is out of the question.
My wife could tell detailed events of perplexity.  Often when I return home she is emotionally exhausted from trying to instill the laws of human nature into our children.  Lewis indeed rang true in his opening chapter. 

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He logically talked me
into a corner.
Then he staples me
with truth bound logic.
One would think a
word on charity
would be gentle
and freeing.
Simply set your self
aside and charity
will transform
any need-love.
He would lieu us
by grace in the
quatrain of loves.
But first we must
think it through
with a great Noch
of our heads.

I had forgotten how challenging his writing is at times.  I read some of The Four Loves this morning.