The Skylight is Falling, The Skylight is Falling.

There’s a hole in our roof. More like an aperture. In the middle of our kitchen is a skylight…an upside down crater in the ceiling. The window has fallen into disrepair, and every time I look up I see not only natural light, but mold, bubbled paint, and another opportunity to procrastinate.

So, last night, after a long and arduous day helping the heavy-set, white haired, red dressed icon from the north, I went “up on the roof” (Do you hear the song in your head? Youtube the Drifters.)

There is a big difference between channeled light and being out in the light. I was no longer simply looking through the skylight, but under the great big sky. The sun had run off to illumine another side of the earth, and I stood above the skylight and cricked my neck. I heard the melancholy moan of a train, and a drone of a plane. Clouds sporadically tip-toed by. Stars twinked at me in the gaps.

I sat for a moment.

“When this old world starts a getting you down…” (Cue the Drifters)

Well, yes and no. If the newsfeed spoon-feeds my anxious thoughts, rather than summons compassion and prayers, I get more “down.”  Just what are we to do with all this inflowmation? Then I thought of the skylight.

God is in charge of the satellite-skies as Mark Heard describes them. The square of sunshine graced to us is our piece of presence. Our little light, you know, the one that we’re gonna shine, is like the holey roof, the aperture which God’s great light can focus on a dark portion of this world.

Is there a possibility we all might be skylights? Sure, many, like mine, are in need of some repair, but hey, light still shines through. It shines in place, my place in the world.

“I am the light of the world.” Jesus

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me today to be a little light in the dark places. Shine through me. Amen

By the way, the skylight is not falling, it is filling. Filling you to spill light on your place in the world.

Open and Shut Encasement? “When God Shuts A Door, He Opens A Window.”

“This is the way, walk ye through it.” Misquote of Isaiah 30:21


Did God grow up in a barn,

always leaving doors open?

Are doors better left open?

If so, why have them at all?

Just take the pins out of the hinges

and hang the door in the living room.

Paint the door to blend in with the wall

because when a door is shut it is a wall.

Besides, if God shut the door, did he lock it?

Did we try jiggling the handle?

Are we on the inside or outside of it?

Should we knock? Is God knocking?


“She came in through the bathroom window” The Beatles


Let’s move on to the window.

What a pane.

The window serves a similar purpose whether open or shut.

It provides a view whether open or shut.

I shutter to think that we need to escape.

Isn’t that the first thought when considering

climbing through a window?

Why did she come in through the bathroom window?

That is possible B & E, a felony, maybe.


“Stay here, don’t move, I’ll be back.” God


Could it be people of faith interpret the meaning

of that often quoted phrase one way?

Are there other options?

That question was handed to me and now I am

prying it open to look out or in to see other views.

Could it be God wants us to remain calm.

He leaves a window open for air and a lookout.

God saw trouble coming and told us to wait

while he checks things out.


Maybe God locked us out of a bad situation

and we are given the option to look at it from a safe distance,

through the window.


“Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: Wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

Just for fun…

How do you interpret this often quoted phrase? Are there other options? I am not trying to be a spiritual brat, but trying to keep God out of a box…or in a locked room as it were.