>Shell Game


which cloud bears underneath
the golden super ball
I crick my neck
and prick my consciousness
burning eyelids descend
this long down filled covered sky
it would be a good day for the
gods to get in a pillow fight
flinging wisps of fog to earth
so they evaporate leaving only
a golden super ball

>Bad Ire Day…for FFF….join the crew today! It’s a hoot.


Don’t take that poetic tone with me!
Put that metaphor down and back away slowly.
A little less alliteration, leave letters lie.
About those similes, they are like, like, like…identical twins.
Don’t talk to me in meters and rhyme,
I’m not in the mood, out of time.
Give it straight,
because I have a headache.

>Do The Math…She Did


one drinking mother
two incapable parents
plus inattention
multiplied by abuse
equals one
minus one corpus callosum
plus several seizures
add one shunt
and dozens times dozens
of social miscues
divided by wry smiles
plus one pure voice
of song
add two new parents
plus patience and hope
go on and you do the math

>That Face Rings a Jingle Bell — Part III in 55 trilogy


“You!” the merry gentleman said
as he backed into the mailbox.

“Who were you expecting?” Donner
responded with a “deer in the headlights gaze”.

“Maybe Blitzen, but never in a million…”

“Quiet! Now reach around slowly and
hand me that card.”

“Santa will deliver that. It was an accident.
He didn’t see. He was texting.”

>Oh, I See?……..Friday Flash 55


I’m moving like molasses
while groping for my glasses
but I don’t care
I have more pairs
does that mean I have glass asses glasseses? 
blurred by the pluralism
see all the mural schism
dyslexic writ
I might just quit
framed spectacle of criticism
Sometimes a squint
a little glint
and depth perception
with pep deception

>Hollow Weenie


Someone dogged me with this
They said the weather was
I wondered how this word usage
could be packaged for market.
Oscar Meyer every October
should fest orange dogs.
It makes sense nutritionally.
Every tube steak we have thrown
into mac and cheese is devoid
of nutritional value
hence…hollow weenie.
Scary eh?