A Little Seed

I try to keep track of all the orbits of my household.  I got up from the leather chair after thinking about everything and nothing.  I shot up a few prayers.  I listened to the noise.   I read some of Paul’s words on tearing down strongholds which I was reminded of yesterday.   
Then I sat back down and closed my eyes.
I opened my heart to listen.
There were wars and rumors of wars.
There were earthquakes and tsunamis.
There were little lives fighting for life.
There was one who is absent from his little body.
There were loss of jobs and dignity.
There were relational rifts, understanding set aside.
and yet…
So many blessings flow through the deep
currents, churning in and through the despair.
Hope is deferred but not dead.
Pain and sorrow are nurtured just enough to
to bring new life and vision.
Just like the earth snuggling closer to the sun
and warming up our side of things we too can
snuggle up to our God and find warmer hope
and anticipation to new things.
We can be like the crocus breaking through
the crust of dormant days.
A tiny seed of faith can see us through.


>Recently I observed real human bodies, peeled, sliced every which way.  It was a Chinese exhibit at a nearby museum.  Chinese people had offered their bodies upon their death to be observed in nakedness beyond all nakedness.  It was fascinating and strange at the same time. 

Yet one of the exhibits kinda stuck with me a little more than some others.  They had an inner ear with an arrow pointing to the smallest bone in the human body.  The stirrup or more formally the stapes.  I probably was dozing or staring at Becky(my Jr. high crush) when this interesting factoid was dispensed from a droning science teacher. 

I got to thinking…What’s up with God putting a tiny tuning fork looking bone in the inner ear?  The sounds from without get a leg up to make it to our brains.  They “cowboy up” to transmit waves of sound to the human processor.  Is there marrow flowing within this cute little piece of pysiological saddlery?  Why bone at all?  Why not a more flexible tissue?  Just wondering.

I wonder if it might be some transcendent shadowing in God’s design.  It is important to hear, and something solid is a physical metaphor for how God wants us to hear all that he has created…but more importantly, hear Him solidly. 

I do want to hear God.  Sometimes I hear distortions…maybe it’s wax build up.  All the busyness of the life God has set before me becomes white noise if my spiritual tuning fork is disabled.   I know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God(which, by the way, can divide even the bones from marrow).  If I get my foot in the stirrup from the get go the sound waves might not crash down so hard and silence the still small voice in my life.  I can hear God in and through the family around me if I que-tip the things that build up in my life.  Through confession and honest interaction with God and others.  
To live in the moments with grace and love the little stirrup does it’s transmitting in a healthy way.