Frogger or Blogger?

Years ago in the arcade era, not arcane, arcade, there was a game called Frogger. In the game you were represented by a green leaper on the side of a multiple-lane highway. It looked like Los Angeles rush hour traffic going full-out on both sides. The goal was to make it across without getting squished. I am sure this game is still available somewhere.

I stopped writing for a spell. Life just got squished with traffic of a large family and a job that expands day by day as Christmas draws nigh. I would come to this screen and stare. Reading increased and I actually finished a book. Then a Facebook friend noticed my near cyber social non-existence. I was touched by his entry on my page. It was a simple hello with undertones of “you are missed.” Then my brother called and said basically the same thing, he doesn’t fb but follows this blog.

Then all the unattended e-mails, mostly blogs I follow sit unopened. I see all my writer friends who continue to voice it out on the blogosphere. Information everywhere. Quotes everywhere. Hearts poured out everywhere. Traffic still is flowing at the speed of optic light. Blogs, Facebook, E-mails, oh my.

So I sit by the side of the highway and croak and stick out my tongue. I think someone should develop a game called Blogger…

Does all the information paralyze you sometimes?

I am writing again, it is in my blood. I am looking for an opening in the traffic to put my words out there again, that’s all.