An Open Letter to Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

I fell asleep on a bed of tryptophan on your night of nights. When I pulled open my eyelids Friday morn I felt numb. Then my heart reminded me the beat must go on. I remembered that stuffed house on Douglas Avenue and the menagerie of people packed and mulling around and was thankful. Now we are separated by space and time again and was wondering if you can keep us from spinning too far from one another.

Would it be okay…I mean do you have room to visit us in our separations? Would you nudge us now and again to find grateful hearts in the midst of the noise and movement of our lives. Remind us to say our prayers for one another in thankfulness. Remind us of the difference each person makes. Humble us to lay down our agendas often and honor the creatures that bear the image of God.

Help us not to react and shout and gripe about the great big world out there and be content in our own little spheres. Help us appreciate each other in palpable ways. Help us to not demand to be seen so much but to see others.

Come again next year. It was good to see you big T. Stay in touch until then.

Gratefully yours,