Pedal Still

We can only keep coasting downhill.

What about the other side?

What about the vistas,

ridges, mountains, big and small?


Where do the shadows yawn?

What becomes of perspective?

Why settle in the valley

no matter how it cradles us?


Back on our bikes,

those pedestals of freedom.

There are times to coast,

and times to climb.


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Dancing Priest…A few thoughts.

As I closed the back flap of this wonderful read this morning I felt that I was just nudged to a higher quality of living.

Last night I was waiting at McDonald’s for my 14 year old daughter to return from a youth event and read to within the last few chapters.

All I could think was “how can a story move me so much to be a better person?”

I have read only a handful of novels in my life.  The genre just isn’t my thing.  Yet this story and it’s weaving of characters just struck a chord.

The sequel is to come out this summer and I hope a warm beach is available to sit and read where the Scotsman leads next!

Thank you Glynn!

Glynn Young is so many things.  To find out more about this servant and promoter of writers and the arts his blog is below.

His book, Dancing Priest, can be found on the Amazon link below that.