Monday 2012

According to the Aztec’s this year is the beginning of the end.

According to the historical reality the end is near

if we think things through.

Soap bubbles form.

If we squint we can see our reflection

before they burst their residue on the horizontals.

Mortal madness forms without a perspective.


My daughter yesterday at Old Country Buffett

blew bubbles into the chocolate milk

and then proceeded to suck the foaming head

into dissolution.

She is fourteen.

She is immortal.

Reality for her is presented through a straw…

Hopefully not the last one.


I kept watching her walk away

and I smiled each time.

What was once a conception

is a bubbly young woman

full of promise and sass.


I thought of Solomon

and his Ecclessiatical

reflections and rants

and the chants

of vapors.


The end of the book

is not an Aztec doom,

but a Someone who waits

and sees the bubbles

as we see and suck

and pop our mortality

under the sun.


“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth,..”  Ecclesiastes 12:1