I checked to see if the sun was going to rise.

Not on a screen or the radio.

I walked back by where the dogs were sleeping,

Near the throbbing wood glow of the stove.

Beyond the window scattered light, though faint,

Brought relief through the huddled trees.

They had been out there all night

In the cool moonscape, swaying.

I’m glad the coffee was up and about.

Another signature that life was on the way.

I set the mug on the cast iron heat,

And the dogs, one on each side,

Helped me welcome a new day.

Change Up

Did I reach into my pocket

and pull out the sun?

Did I toss it up there

to shine a light on today?


Iffin I did, the toss was off.

Sure, the pitch requested

was a curve on the horizon.

Two fingers down.


I gave ‘em a change up

to throw off their timing.

Their swing had to slow

so they wouldn’t miss the


Sonrise and make it a “single”




Here is a change up for you…