I Love Peanut Butter

Like spiraling a spatula

round the bottom of a

peanut butter jar,


so am I each morning

in a futile attempt of

scraping in hopes of a


slather of meaning on a Monday.

Why is the wholeness

divided into seven daze?


Does a heart beat me, ever?

Are there breaths beneath me?

When do steps become strides?


I lick the spatula with gratitude,

wave it like a wand,

and pray for grace and mercy.


For every day is Monday, really.

Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something (A response to Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There)

Go to the ant and consider.

Wear matching socks.

Create a floss event.


Run Forrest, run!

Read some e-mails,

and respond to one.


X-it the marked spot

and lace up your shoes.

Tell your ego you are tall enough.

Think and walk simultaneously.

Moss doesn’t grow

on a moving target.


Tell your shadow

to get in line

and try to keep up.

Here comes the sun,

here comes the sun,

and I say

it’s all right.

82-year-old man is oldest to hike all of New York State’s 46 High Peaks

Jerry Levine joined the ranks of the Adirondack 46ers, so-called because New York has 46 mountains at least 4,000 feet tall.

Matthew 19:26