She Is Flat…”Oops,” said the scientist.

Pancakes for breakfast,

resting, spreading on oil.


What if scientists recanted?

What if the sphere was a sham?

What if science was ashamed?


She is flat after all

and done on one side for sure.

A solar flare spatula slides under.

Talk about turning the world upside down.


I wonder who would live on the edge

and dangle their feet in the deep blue ocean?

I know some people who are afraid of heights

and some who are afraid of depths.


Vincent stepped off into the starry night.

Einstein’s theory was thrown like a Frisbee.

Apollo 13 had another problem for Houston.

Mark Heard’s Satellite Skies wouldn’t be.

Grass would always be greener on the other side of the universe.


Spherical, severe it all is.

Earth, like a curve ball, draws circles around the sun.

Our linear conscience rides its precipice free epidermis.

Gravity keeps us grounded.

Gravity keeps us orbiting subconsciously.


I would rather be pulled than flipped.

Psalm 19:1-6