Saving Place

Like a book mark,

a fallen tree.

I heard the echo threreof

and fell too,

marking the place in which

I left off

like so many other pages

cleft in the forest.


Tell me again

why these memories gather moss,

bear termite bits,

and sit like cairns in conversations.

Let me know

How to live

after I rise above the imprint

and gather its shadow

like a jacket.


How do I lumber along this path?

Seeing forward, glancing back,

giving ground behind and before,

I set my face like flint,

grateful for shafts of light

and the affect thereof.

Another fall into grace.



Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something (A response to Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There)

Go to the ant and consider.

Wear matching socks.

Create a floss event.


Run Forrest, run!

Read some e-mails,

and respond to one.


X-it the marked spot

and lace up your shoes.

Tell your ego you are tall enough.

Think and walk simultaneously.

Moss doesn’t grow

on a moving target.


Tell your shadow

to get in line

and try to keep up.

Here comes the sun,

here comes the sun,

and I say

it’s all right.

82-year-old man is oldest to hike all of New York State’s 46 High Peaks

Jerry Levine joined the ranks of the Adirondack 46ers, so-called because New York has 46 mountains at least 4,000 feet tall.

Matthew 19:26

Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

Stare at the ants like a slug.

Stop matching socks.

Don’t even intend to floss, eventually.


Don’t move.

Stand perfectly still

like a pillar of salt.


Mark all e-mails as read

and stand.

Set both feet

over the X marked spot.


Leave the shoe untied.

Allow your ego to try

to add height to your stature.

Think tall, stand tall,

don’t move at all.


The moss will grow on one side.

Your shadow will do the walking

under the sun,

under the sun.

It will be the long

and the short of it

under the sun.

Psalm 42

Isaiah 41:10

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Psalm 139

Psalm 46

Psalm 46:10