Dream Scrapin’

Woke up in dis mornin,

got da sleep ina my eye,

da coffee ain’t brewin,

Ima too tired to cry…cause



I was a tossin and turnin,

a twitchin ana a churnin,

dreamsa scrapin and burnin,

whena emma I be learnin?



cawz I done ate it right fore the pilla,

that choco cake and cream vanilla,

I shoulda knowin betta,

cause I hit her in the heada.



I ended on the sofa

abouta 3:00 am.

Ba dada Ba dum



Don’t know how I gots theyah

maybe walkin whiles I sleep,

coulda been the frostin,

coulda been Bo Peep.



Mornin blues my faultin it a  be,

I’s never a woke cept I gotsta pee.

My old lady she dun missed me

but not all that much ya see.



Cause she knows  me betta

she’s seen what I dun ate,

one hit across the temple

was all she gonna take.



So cake or my sweet honey

awwwwe what it gonna be,

theyah both is so delicious,

we just gonna havta see.