She Knits

I sit with her while she knits.

She casts on and off those things

to bring a piece together.

Needles of grace and mercy

pearl of great price.


May her curled hands

wield through the emptiness

to draw comfort together.


May her unraveled heart

find a covering once again.

Hope, like wool, natural beads.


I will sit with the clicking, ticking,

like a beating of brokenness

and sleep lightly in love.


Come, Great Shepherd

and offer her the shearing’s

of a precious lamb.


Remind her of when you

carried her when she felt lost.

The very threads that hung on her

became a scarf around your neck

until she was brought home.


Yes, I will sit with her while she knits.

Redemption will fit perfectly

as she brings a peace together.


For Barbara


© Gerald Allen Barrett and parentheticallyspeakingin3d, 2012.