Look Up Psalm 19

How often I forget.

Eyes, razor-like, look on,

Gaze along the horizon,

While stars spindle down

Into my soul like a midnight

Dream, scraping the chill

Off my bones, off my bones.


A local poet named the dark-

Wide-skyscape beautiful; love.

I’m still looking around at

The fading shadows of

Deep evening and shallow morning.

The moon glow lifts my eyes

Off the ground, off the ground.


My cricked neck wearies,

So I settle in the low,

Lay in the dimple of the

Long grasses; their back and

Forth in the breeze frame

The heavens declarations

Off the heights, off the heights.

4 thoughts on “Look Up Psalm 19

  1. Look up,
    Not to looming disaster.
    Look up,
    For reassuring hope

    When we lay down
    We can look up
    To better take in the vastness

    Look up,
    Take in the vastness
    Be amazed
    There is a place for you.
    Small but not lost

    You are cared for
    You are loved

  2. Really beautiful, Jerry! My favorite image was “While stars spindle down Into my soul like a midnight dream, scraping the chill off my bones, off my bones.”

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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